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How It Works - Systems for Amazon FBA Prep

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Setup Your Account


Contact Us to setup your account.  You will be assigned an account number and account specific spreadsheets will be assigned to your User Account.  Assign User Permission from your Professional Seller Central account on Amazon to  Permissions to include "Manage inventory/add products" and "Manage FBA shipments".  Please note, no personal details of your Amazon account will be visible by us.  This is only enables our systems to process your shipments.


Ship Inventory To Us


Send your product to our facility, referencing your assigned account number on the shipment label so that we can sort your order effectively.  Update the incoming shipment form on your account with applicable ASIN, quantity, carrier tracking number, and expected arrival date so that staff can efficiently process your order and exceed your turnaround expectations. 


Inventory Receiving

We will communicate the arrival of your shipment, quantities received, and any visible damage along with any other information pertaining to the incoming shipment.  Your inventory will then be staged for processing at our facility.


Inventory Processing

Your inventory is then processed by our staff per Amazon requirements, which may include FNSKU labeling, poly bagging, boxing and other services.  When your shipment is fully ready, we will upload the appropriate information to Amazon to create the shipment labels.



Inventory Ships Out

Using the UPS and FBA labels created from your Amazon Seller Central Account, we will send your shipments as ready or to your preferred schedule.  Storage options available.  First two weeks of storage is included in prep services.

For more information, continue to Pricing

To get started with Montana Prep Solutions please Contact Us.

For your Amazon prep, we are simply your best option for a fba prep center.  Your inventory is our passion.

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