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Here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.


  • Are you currently accepting new customers?  We are currently at max capacity for new clients in order to continue our excellence in service and processes.  While we are working on increasing our capacity for new clientele and to alert our future clients to any openings, we have created a wait list database on a first come first serve basis.  To join our wait list, fill out the form on the Contact Us page.  You will receive an automated email invitation to join the waitlist along with some further information.  Respond to the email with the pertinent information and you will be notified when an opening is available.

  • Do you have any setup or monthly fees for your service?  We do not charge any additional fees for our service.  You only pay the per unit fee, plus any applicable supplies used.  We resuse supplies and boxes sent with your products at no charge.  Supply charges apply only to new supplies used.  Please refer to our Pricing page for more information on pricing tiers and supply costs.

  • Do you have a minimum order quantity (MQO)?  We do not have a minimum order quantity for shipments sent to our facility nor do we require a minimum quantity to send to Amazon.  Keep in mind, the more you send the more you save.  The more boxes and ASINs that you send, the less it costs you in shipping particularly when it is calculated as a cost per ASIN.  

  • Do you accept pallets?  We typically handle small to medium sized products and we do not have the capabilities to accept semi trucks or pallets.

  • Do you offer photo taking service for ungating?  We do not offer photo taking for ungating purposes.  If product(s) arrive from your supplier to us as damaged, photos will be taken and sent to assist with either returns or reimbursement from your supplier.  Photos can be taken for other issues as they arise, but we do not have the proper equiptment or expertise for ungating photos.

  • What is your billing period?  How do we pay you?  We invoice twice per month, on the 1st and 15th, via Paypal Business Invoicing to the email on file.  Terms are Net 30 which means you have 30 days to pay in full.  Any invoice exceeding 30 days of nonpayment will result in a 15% finance fee.

  •  Which Amazon Fulfillment Centers do you typically send to?  Amazon has a matrix built into their software that determines where the bulk of your items are sent to and then they may be sent out from there to multiple other DCs across the country.  Shipments from our prep center have gone across the country, East coast, West coast, and Midwest.  We can say typically main shipments go to Illinois, but again results may vary.

  • Do you integrate with Inventory Labs?  We use our own forms and sheets for maintaining accurate and up to date information about your product throughout the processing at our facility.  We do not have integration with Inventory Labs.

  • What is your price list?  Our full price list is available at

  • I have an account, how do I update my sheets for products being sent to you?  Once you have sourced your inventory and have it sent to Montana Prep, you will fill out the New Shipment form from your account login with the information needed.  Once we receive your form, we will update your sheets with the information provided.  When the product arrives at Montana Prep Solutions, we will update your sheets with great frequency so that you can see your product throughout the process 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

To join our wait list, fill out the form on the Contact Us page

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