Welcome to Montana Prep Solutions!  We are thankful that you chose us to service your FBA logistical needs and are excited to get started.  This guide will help you navigate the website and inform you about our processes and procedures from start to finish.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions either by the “Let’s Chat!” feature at www.MontanaPrepSolutions.com or email us at MontanaPrepSolutions@gmail.com.

User Guide

Seller Central Permissions - Amazon Seller Central


In order to properly service your account, please assign limited permissions of your Amazon Seller Central account so that we can process your shipments to Amazon efficiently.  Please note, the necessary permissions are limited to the processing and receiving of your inventory and no personal information or login info will be accessible.  The following is a step by step on how to assign the permissions:  

  1. Click the above link in the title (Amazon Seller Central) and log in to your account.

  2. Go to Settings in the top right and select “User Permissions” from the drop down menu.

  3. In the Name field type MTPS or Montana Prep Solutions and enter the email address as MontanaPrepSolutions@gmail.com and click “Send Invitation”.

  4. Once the invitation has been accepted, MTPS or Montana Prep Solutions will show as a Current User.  You will then “Manage Permissions” for that account by adding access to “Manage Inventory/Add a Product” and “Manage FBA Inventory/Shipments”.  Then click the Continue button to save the settings.


Click the below link to watch a short 3 minute video for more information:https://youtu.be/RiDxhZEd13g

               Website      MontanaPrepSolutions.com

Please review the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

You will be assigned an account number.  This account number will serve as your identification so please include your account number on any incoming shipment or communication with our center to help avoid delays.  Most communication to and from Montana Prep Solutions will be through the website and email.  Along with emailing, there is a chat option on the site, a New Shipment form, and up to date sheets within your account.

Log in to your account.  From the account menu, click “My Account”.  Please verify that your contact information is accurate.  Also under “My Account”, there are links to Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and to this User Guide for your reference.

Inventory Data is where information about your inventory will be available for you to review at your convenience.  From the account menu, click “Inventory Data”.

When you have a new incoming shipment, click the “New Shipment(s) to Prep    Center'' button.








Fill out all required information, complete reCaptcha, and Submit.  If one shipment has multiple ASIN numbers, quantities, and tracking numbers, please separate in the appropriate input by a comma.  Submit individual shipments separately.  Please ensure that shipments sent to our facility are labeled as follows:

Montana Prep Solutions

Acct. #(insert your assigned account #)

4235 Kendall Road

Helena, MT  59602


This will add uniformity on all shipments and help to quickly match your shipments to your account and avoid any delays in processing.

Your inventory sheets will be accessible by clicking the button with your corresponding account number. 




Please note, for security and privacy reasons, access will be restricted to only your sheets identified by your account number.  Your account specific sheets will have up to date information on any current charges, status of processing, incoming shipments with the information provided from the “New Shipment(s)” form, and histories of items shipped to Amazon’s warehouses.

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Receiving and Processing

Throughout the pre-receiving, receiving, processing, and shipment phases of your inventory we will keep you updated on our website via your account specific sheets.  This is accessible through your account’s Inventory Data tab and selecting the button with your account number.


Receiving - Once your shipment arrives at Montana Prep Solutions, we will inspect the cartons for order accuracy including quantities, ASIN numbers, plus any visible damage.  Any damaged products will be photographed and documented via email.  Please respond with whether you prefer the product to be sent back, disposed of, or to be prepped for sale.  Your inventory will then move to  processing.


Processing - Order processing will be completed within 72 hours after completion of the receiving process.  In the unlikely event that processing exceeds the 72 hour target, a 10% discount on all unprocessed units may be given at the discretion of Montana Prep Solutions.  Processing includes FNSKU labeling, poly bagging, boxing and other services as needed.  (Note, any new poly bags and/or boxes are available for a fee listed in the pricing page).  


As per your shipping plan, we will upload the weight and dimensions of your shipment(s) to your Amazon Seller Central account to create the shipping labels to the assigned Amazon warehouses.  We will then ship your product to Amazon to be sold on their website.


Storage options are available.  As always the first 14 days of the received product will be stored with no additional fee.  Storage rate will apply after the initial 14 days, charged by the square footage per month.  Units sent to our facility for storage will undergo normal receiving and processing prior to being stored and are subject to normal processing fee schedule.

Invoicing and Payments


Montana Prep Solutions will invoice for all processing, applicable supplies, storage, and services on the 1st and 15th of every month from Paypal via email.  Terms are Net 30.  Please pay in full within 30 days of invoicing.  A financing fee of 15% will be applied to any outstanding balance after 30 days.  Please pay all balances on time to avoid any delays and/or penalties.